Full Session: This 55 min. workout specifically designed by a dedicated Personal Trainer, based on a client’s fitness goals and health history, will likely incorporate every part of the STUDIO 1-ON-1 compound including our state-of-the-art strength training facility, cardio theater room, and/or outdoor quad. At STUDIO 1-ON-1, we believe that variety is key to a consistent workout routine, therefore each Trainer is dedicated to delivering an interesting, yet effective plan for each client, every day.

Power Session: For our more advanced clients looking to maximize time, this 30 min. workout offers the same strategy as our Full Session, but without the added explanations of form and physiology. We recommend that all new clients looking to purchase Power Sessions begin with a Full Session package first in order to master movements and theory and eventually graduate to the shorter sessions.


At STUDIO 1-ON-1, we understand not everyone has time to travel to and from a facility for a workout; therefore we are happy to travel to them! Whether one owns a complete home gym or merely provides an open space, we ensure they have everything they need to get the same results as if they were training within our Venice location.


For professional athletes and novices alike, being in peak condition is essential to producing consistent winning results, therefore STUDIO 1-ON-1 has created a category of personal training specifically designed for those in the sports community. Whether it’s a triathlon, game, or match approaching, STUDIO 1-ON-1 has the know-how to get you ready!


At STUDIO 1-ON-1, we understand that rigorous filming schedules can seriously hinder a consistent workout routine; therefore we provide on-set or in-home training for those in the entertainment industry. Whether you’re behind the camera or in the spotlight, you’ll be prepared to deliver the best performance possible when you’re armed with energy and stamina gained from keeping fit.


This intensive program, designed for those with a defined timeline, can easily be tailored for both men and women. Whether the big day falls within three weeks or three years, STUDIO 1-ON-1’s group of elite trainers will provide the tools necessary to achieve your fitness goals prior to the ceremony and beyond.

Armed with a comprehensive nutrition plan and an intense workout strategy consisting of both strength training and cardiovascular exercise, you’ll feel healthy, proactive, and primed to begin a new chapter of life with a revived body and attitude.


This distinctive program designed specifically for prenatal and postnatal women focuses on safe movements which deliver the energy and stamina required for motherhood.

Not everyone in the industry has the expertise to coach expecting women; however STUDIO 1-ON-1’s group of elite trainers has the knowledge and the know-how to assist you through a healthy term. Our team will work in conjunction with your OB-GYN to tailor the perfect nutrition plan and training program for each stage of your pregnancy and beyond. From low-impact cardiovascular exercise to strategic strength building, this series will soon become one of the best decisions you’ve ever made for yourself and your family.


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