“I started working out at this gym in 2009. I started seeing results almost immediately and body completely transformed in just a couple months. Sadly I moved away, went to other gyms, trained with other trainers but never came close to seeing the results I got from this gym and the trainers here. Thankfully I recently moved back and now I get to train here again. I’m so happy! Every workout is successful. My body is looking amazing again. I look forward to my training sessions every week. I couldn’t be happier with Studio 1-ON-1 and their awesome staff.”
Lexi B.
Studio 1-ON-1 is absolutely amazing. They work hard to create a very welcoming environment. My trainer is incredible. He knows exactly when to push and I started to see results right away! No matter who you are, or how “in” or “out of shape” you are, you will fit right in. It is worth every penny!”
Amber B.
“Every single trainer here is fantastic! It’s a second home to my family.”
Alyson J.
“This is my third year in coming to Studio 1-ON-1 twice a week. I would recommend to someone looking for a professional program that is customized to your needs and goals. I look forward to a lasting relationship.”
Harry W.
“Excellent training environment with very detailed and guided personal training. I have lost 20 pounds since I began training and began the process of sculpting my body. The owner, Bud, is very personable and makes one feel comfortable. It has a “small community” feel and is the cleanest gym I have ever encountered. Of course, the prices are reasonable and you can achieve your goals. I highly recommend Studio 1-ON-1.”
Gloria W.
“Love this place. The trainers are all nice. Bud is hilarious. They really want to make sure each person gets exactly what they’re looking for out of a workout. The initial meeting/consult is super thorough so they know what you want!”
Victoria V.
“Even before my initial meeting, with inquiry emails and a phone call to set up my appointment, it was apparent to me that Bud Fallon is absolutely passionate about fitness and the establishment he has set up. In my meeting, I never felt pressured to actually go through with the training, but I guarantee, walk through the door, talk to Bud, get the tour, see the immaculate facility, and it’ll be near impossible not to sign up for their introductory package which is a complete steal. I feel like Bud really took the time to get to know me and my fitness goals, which is admirable when he doesn’t even necessarily have my business yet. That alone sold me on going through with the introductory package.”
Angella S.